Saturday, 24 April 2010

USA-UK differences: British words that might requiere translation (Part 1)

We start this series of post with words used in the UK for our american cousins, translated.

 At Her Majesty's Pleasure - an indefinite stay in prison

A. W. O. L. - absent without leave

Bent a- crooked

The Bill - a reference to a TV drama show about the police

Bizzies n- the police (especially in Liverpool)

Black Maria n-large, black police van

Bobby n - policeman

Burgle  v- to burglarize

CID - Criminal Investigation Department

Constable n- officer; old-fashioned  salutation-"Good evening. Constable."

Fiddle v- to cheat/embezzle (e.g., fiddling your expenses)
(On the fiddle- to be involved in some form of embezzlement)

Filch v- to steal

Filth n- the police

Fuzz n-the police

GBH (Grievous bodily harm) - technically a criminal ofense, but also used in common parlance

Grass v- to inform

Grass n- an informant

In the nick - in prison

Jam sandwich n- police car (so called because the cars are white with a red line along the middle)

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